About Us

We are professionals

Welcome to Palmas Design

Palmas Design is a company created on the basis of good service, a principle that leads us to excellence and in turn shows us the way to become recognized by the ability to serve with quality.

Our service area is the GRAPHIC DESIGN.

We Palmas Design, name that contains in its meaning force, ability, skill y power, qualities we express in each design. It is true to their principles recognizing that He (God) enables us to use all our talents to those who require it.



We design your dreams with quality and promptness, bringing graphics to a professional level characterized by the minimalist and simple arts.


Being the fastest growing company in the area of ​​graphic arts.



We act in a fair and transparent manner.


We work honestly for the truth.


It is our commitment to meet our customers: Quality, time and service.

Its successes are our successes!